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Provide Safe Haven to Captain Paul Watson, Founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

The Sea Shepherd needs our help!!

Please read and sign the Petition


We request the U.S. not extradite U.S citizen Paul F. Watson.

There are two active Interpol Red Notices issued against Captain Watson at the request of Costa Rica and Japan. Underlying these notices are non-lethal acts in defense of marine life suffering from illegal shark fishing and whaling operations. The warrants are politically motivated.

Captain Watson is a world-renowned and highly respected leader in environmental issues. In 1999, he was awarded President George H.W. Bush’s “Daily Points of Light” Award and in 2000, he was named one of Time Magazine’s “Top 20 Environmental Heroes of the 20th Century.” In 2012, he became only the second person ever to be honored with the Jules Verne Award for environmentalists and adventurers. Captain Watson is a national treasure.

“I have been honored to serve the whales, dolphins, seals – and all the other creatures on this Earth. Their beauty, intelligence, strength, and spirit have inspired me. These beings have spoken to me, touched me, and I have been rewarded by friendship with many members of different species.

If the whales survive and flourish, if the seals continue to live and give birth, and if I can contribute to ensuring their future prosperity, I will be forever happy.”

– Paul Watson

Burn survivor talks about night family was attacked

Burn survivor talks about night family was attacked

Burn survivor talks about night family was attacked

Burn survivor talks about night family was attacked
Charlotte grease attack survivor speaks (Added: June 26, 2012)
One of the survivors from the Charlotte grease attack two weeks ago talks with NBC 17 from her hospital room. (more)

A family of seven was scalded by hot grease in an attack on Father’s Day, and one of the survivors described the attack from her hospital room at the Jaycee Burn Center in Chapel Hill.

Macy McLean has third-degree burns over 20 percent of her body and has already had more than two hours of skin graft surgery. Yet, she’s kept her faith and forgiven the person who attacked her family.

She gently spoke to her granddaughter during an interview, saying, “Hey baby, yes, you want to show em what happened?”

Aaliyah, 3, and her grandmother showed where hot oil landed on their skin, after a brutal attack by their neighbor.

“I got burned on the lips just like you got burned right there,” said McLean.

Her arm is wrapped after the first of what could be several skin graft surgeries.

“From this side of my face down to my neck and then all the way down my front torso to about right here, and it’s completely burned. I mean I have no skin,” said McLean.

Dr. Sam Jones, the Assistant Medical Director at the Jaycee Burn Center, operated on McLean and has worked with the family since he took the call about their emergency.

“She’s going through a lot of therapy with the occupational therapist, physical therapist. She’s had one operation on her right arm and right hand and she’s going to need probably at least two more surgeries,” said Jones.

McLean vividly remembers how she and six family members were hit with boiling oil on her daughter’s porch in Charlotte.

She says her daughter-in-law and a neighbor were arguing.

“I was talking to the lady, you know, ‘Why can’t we talk about this like adults,'” said McLean.

She said she tried to calm them down.

“Not even two seconds later she comes back out and just douses us with this oil,” said McLean.

She thought it was hot water at first.

“My grandson was in the kitchen screaming and hollering, ‘Grandma it’s burning,’ and he was just jumping up and down.”

She heard her daughter in law screaming, too. “It’s burning! Oh my God, oh my God my skin is peeling!”

Their neighbor, Regina Terry, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and malicious maiming.

“I think she should be punished for it,” said McLean.

Macy is on a difficult road to recovery, as two nurses help her walk.

“It’s still not easy,” she said.

And it’s not easy, to explain it to her family.

Her granddaughter asked her, “Why is it peeling?,” and McLean answered, “Because it’s healing.”

“I’m hoping that it has strengthened their faith for one. I’m hoping that it also teaches them a little more forgiveness,” said McLean.

Three of Macy’s grandchildren will also need surgery this week, and the youngest is only one and a half years old.

The family does not have health insurance, so they say they’re not sure how they’re going to pay for all of this.


Macy McLean went to her daughter’s Tara McLean house to try to keep the peace in an escalating argument when she and the other victims were burned.Two of the victims were flown to Jaycee Burn Center in Chapel Hill. The others were either driven to Jaycee Burn Center, or taken to nearby Charlotte Medical Center.

The ages of the children are 1, 3, 6, 8 and 10 years old.

One of the adults, Macy McLean, is in serious condition with third-degree burns from her chin down at the Jaycee Burn Center, while Dana Sims McLean other daughter is in fair condition. Three children remain at the burn center and are McLean’s grandchildren. Click to See News Story

“Some of them are in a lot of pain but for the most part they are doing fine, Macy McLean went to her daughter’s Tara McLean house to try to keep the peace in an escalating argument when her neighbor went inside and returned with a pot of hot grease. The neighbor then threw the pot of grease in the faces of McLean’s mother, 6-year-old son, 27-year-old sister, as well as her three children, ages 8, 10, and 1.

Macy is a very beautiful person inside and out and to see someone get (hurt) like this is sickening.”

The hardest part is knowing the kids are in pain.
The youngest was a 1-year-old, who was burned from the forehead down. Macy McLean and the children had nothing to do with this. Macy was trying to calm it down. She is a single mom that works full-time for Budget Rentals. The family will need anything you can give to help them survive while trying to heal.

The neighbor Regina Perry faces six counts of assault with a deadly weapon, inflicting serious injury and seven counts of malicious maiming.

Use This Link to Help With Donations http://www.gofundme.com/s5jhw

Six victims rushed to burn center after grease fight in Charlotte – News14.com

Six victims rushed to burn center after grease fight in Charlotte – News14.com

 This is horrible!!! All of the victims are my son’s girlfriend Tweet’s family. The mother Macy is such a nice lady. Hope everyone will say a little prayer for this family.

Tips on How To Vacation on a Small Budget

During difficult economic times, taking a vacation may seem like an impossible task, especially if you have children. But the truth of the matter is that everyone needs time away to relax and have fun. A vacation does not have to cost a fortune.  There are ways to vacation on a small budget.

The following is a list of  tips to help save money on a vacation:

1. You don’t have to stay in expensive hotels and resorts. There are plenty of campgrounds that offer very affordable rates.  Also, vacationing during off-season cost less. Bed and breakfasts are another idea. The rooms are usually very lovely and the food is great.

2. If you have children, give them a set amount of money they can spend. Tell them they have to budget because that is all the money they will have for the entire trip.

3. Using credit cards while on vacation has its draw backs. Before you travel,  plan how much to spend to avoid high credit card debt. You can do the following:

• Contact your credit card company to see if they give any travel discounts on things like accommodations, car rental, insurance or airplane tickets.
• Bring only one credit card with you on the trip so you want be tempted to over spend.
• Keep track of everything you spend; keep all of your receipts.
• Find out the steps involved with reporting lost or stolen credit cards and if you will be held liable for unauthorized use of a card.
• Keep a list of your credit card numbers and important credit card contact information.

4. When it comes to meals,  pack homemade lunches and beverages. Try to cut the amount of snacks you buy. Many hotels provide free continental breakfasts. Look for restaurants that offer discounts for children, or “Kids Eat Free” programs. We spend way too much money on eating out. This could be one of your biggest cost savers, plan ahead the internet is a great way  to find deals before you leave on vacation.

5. If flying is part of your vacation plans, look for cheap airlines and discounted rates; discount airlines are a good choice.  There are online  specials available all the time. Comparison shopping online is a great way to buy cheap airline tickets, last-minute tickets are often sold at great discounts.

6. Vacation activities do not have to be expensive. Research your destination before getting there, you can find reasonably priced options such as museums, historical sites, amusement parks, national and state parks and zoos. These types of places will often only charge a small fee.  Check on free local festivals that can include walking tours, wine tasting, arts and crafts, as well as historical re-enactments.  Doing some research on cheap things to do before your trip could help you save alot.

7. Often, fun events are taking place close to your own home. Visiting local and regional areas is a cheap and fun way to explore your state. Make sure you check the visitor center of each town and city you visit. They will have information on affordable sights and activities, and may have special discount coupons.

8. Buy a cheap long distance phone card before you travel. Hotel phones can be expensive. If you are using a cell phone, check out the cell phone carrier’s roaming fees before using it so your not hit with a surprise bill when you get home..

Everyone needs time away from their busy day-to-day routines. Being on a budget does not mean that you can’t have a fun vacation. By implementing and following a well-planned vacation budget, you and your family will have a great vacation full of lasting memories.

I’m not Crazy…It’s Empty Nest Syndrome

Over the years I’ve heard about empty nest syndrome, but I’ve never thought it would start while my son was still in high school. Now that I think back I think it really started to hit me when the second semester started back in January. I think that is when you start to realize that it’s only a few months left till your baby is graduating high school. I’m the last person in the world you would think would be having such a hard time with this. I’m a really strong person and most things don’t get to me. I guess that is way I’m having such a hard time with this.

It seemed like the closer it got to graduation the worse it got. I have been so sad and depressed. I think my brain flipped though every memory it could recall of my son growing up. I started missing all the things you do for your kids. Simple things like school shopping I went to Wal-Mart, and saw a young mother buying school supplies for her elementary aged children. I found myself wanting to buy colors and paste and scissors and one of those little cardboard boxes they had to have to put it all in. Remember those? I wish I could do it all over again, I love being a mother.

After reading up on empty nest syndrome I learned it’s usually the mother who suddenly finds herself with these feelings of being lost and alone. The effects can vary, depending on different factors. For instance, when the mother is divorced and living alone, it can be particularly difficult which I am. When a mother has been a stay at home mom like I have been, she might feel that life is over, that she has no purpose in living. In severe cases, when depression is severe or last a long time, counseling may be needed. I’m hoping I want need that.

When the time does come that our children marry or graduate from high school and leave for college, it can be difficult to deal with the emotions that we feel. We try to hide our sadness from others because these events in a child’s life are supposed to be happy occasions. While we are happy for our children, we are also feeling a deep sense of loss. We have to remember that these feelings are perfectly normal, and not be afraid to seek out comfort from friends and family.

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