Free Choice



Hi,I just signed an important petition to help get our country back on track, and I hope you’ll join me. In today’s economy, folks like you and me need a fair deal and a chance to get ahead. It’s only getting worse for working families as the cost of everything from gas to groceries keeps going up.That’s why I signed a petition supporting the Employee Free Choice Act, which would help level the playing field by making it easier for workers to join unions. The goal is one million signatures. Will you take a moment to sign, and pass this along? Go to:

Some CEOs just go too far. They rake in millions while cutting back health benefits and raises for their employees. It’s time to bring back some balance in this economy. This bill would help all of us, by giving workers more muscle to raise living standards, improve health care, and stop outsourcing.We’re all in this together. Help us get to one million signatures! It just takes one minute – be sure to upload your picture, too!


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