No Posting Last Week

I have tried to post something at least a couple of times a week. Well, mother nature had other plans for me last week. Last Monday night when most people were sleeping soundly in their beds we were hit with some nasty storms. Of course since I’m not like most people and I rarely sleep at night, I was wide awake for house rattling winds and pounding hail that beat down on my window air conditioner so loud it woke up everybody else in the house. The force of the winds was unreal. There was stuff flying everywhere and we know whats going to happen next, yep you got it. Down came the trees and of course the power lines came with them. I have to tell you as I was watching the storm out the front door and I saw the sparks flash from the top of our power line and the lights in our house go out. I never would have guessed what was really waiting for us to see in the morning light. That little spark was the least of the damage. One house down from ours a Hugh tree uprooted and caused a chain reaction. Before it was all said and done there was one power pole in three pieces another one broke in half and all the wires ripped out of a couple of others. So, we ended up being without power for three and a half days. Our cable still isn’t right and it’s been almost a week now. Here are a few pictures of the damage.


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